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Cornhole League

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Cornhole is a great activity that brings people together in the spirit of friendly competition.  Join Westborough Recreation for this fun, social and competitive league that will play on Thursday nights at Cold Harbor Brewery

Spring Session
  • Thursday nights
  • Game times are at 6:15, 6:45 or 7:15pm
  • League play will start 4/26
  • Cold Harbor Brewery
  • $40 per team
  • Teams will consist of 2 players each, but can name 1 alternate player in case on teammate cannot show
  • Games will be best of 3, first to 21, or whoever is winning after 20 minutes
  • See Rules below FMI
  • Residents Only

  • Teams consist of 2 players each, but must name an alternate player with sign up in case one teammate can’t show.
  • Season will last 5 weeks plus playoffs
  • Teams are responsible for e-mailing scores to the Rec Dept at westbororec@town.westborough.ma.us
  • If a team doesn’t show one week, all games will be forfeited.
  • A team winning a forfeited match will be awarded 2 game wins and +22 points
  • Time limit: 30 minutes. You have 30 minutes to complete your games. Due to the amount of teams and time restraints on our playing location, please try to stick to this.
  • Any game stopped after a team has passed 11 points will be deemed a legal game.
  • The first team to 21 wins via cancellation format. You do not have to win by two and there is no mercy rule or penalty for going over 21
  • Boards should be placed about 25 feet apart measuring from the front of the boards.

Point System
  • 3 points for a cornhole bag that goes through the hole.
  • 1 point for a cornhole bag that is on the playing surface.
  • 1 point for a cornhole bag that is hanging into the hole.
  • 1 point for a cornhole bag that is hanging off the edge but not touching the ground.
  • 0 points for a cornhole bag that is on the playing surface, but also touching the ground.
  • 0 points for a cornhole bag that is hanging off the front edge and is resting on a cornhole bag that is on the ground. If you can remove the bag on the ground without the one on the board falling then a point is given.
  • The team who wins the round is given honors to throw first in the next round.
  • If both teams have the same round score at the end of 20min, then each team takes one turn (4 bags) to break the tie. If no winner, round concluded as a tie.

Cornhole Fouls
  • A cornhole players foot goes past the foot foul line. (front of the cornhole board)
  • A Player goes out of turn. The throw the foul occurs on is voided. If the bag is on the board remove it.

Game Play
  • Opening Coin Flip or Rock/Paper/Scissors – In Doubles play, the winner has the choice of which side of the boards to play from.
  • The winner also decides who pitches first. (in playoffs, team with higher seed gets all honors).
  • Each cornhole team will have 4 bags of one color. All 8 cornhole bags begin at one end.
  • The team who has honors will begin play by throwing a cornhole bag at the opposite cornhole board.
  • A cornhole player may throw from anywhere behind the front of the cornhole board they are throwing from.
  • Alternate throws between the two opponents until all 8 cornhole bags have been thrown.
  • If a cornhole bag hits the ground then bounces up onto the board, remove that bag for it does not count.

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